What do you want to see on your Dashboard?

By “Dashboard”, I mean what you see when you immediately log in to the website/app.

It might help if you can answer these questions:

1. Were you primarily a host, surfer, events-goer?

2. What feature did you usually first click/gravitate towards when you opened the couchsurfing app in the past?

For example, browse messages, browse events, see who’s on Hangouts, check out your city page etc.

3. Your personal thoughts on what should be on your dashboard - something more localised? Or something to inspire you to travel? This is really abstract and might not translate to user experience, but I’m still interested to hear your ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

1- both host and surfer. Only done one event due to no events being organised anywhere near me.
2- notification bell of some description to read new messages.
3- can’t think of anything right now, but surely others will chip in with some useful ideas.

  • Top events in your surfing location if you are travelling, or hometown if not

  • Pending couch requests

  • Hot topics in your surfing/hosting location


Exactly what Lucas said. The number one thing for me as a host was surf requests and as a surfer would be responses to my requests.

Usually hosted and also ran/participated in events. I’d want to see events next.

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The all-important thing would be a “You’ve got messages” alert.

I like my dashboard organised like a to-do list. So there’d be alerts about new surf requests, answers to mine and general messages; and about references I need to write.

In the request system (assuming we keep requests as a distinct message category like CS and unlike WS), how would you feel about automatising the general info? I mean: Setting up your profile, if you wish you can enter your address, number and perhaps a route description to your place.

When you approve a request you can choose to make these visible to the guest. Perhaps get a new field for a meetup time or (this may be a bit far-fetched) stuff to bring along. This info now goes directly on the guest’s dashboard and stays there till the stay’s over.

I’d keep it lean, wouldn’t include all sorts of categories like age or whatnot, just what’s immediately required to meet up and keep in touch.


Yes, I like

  • notifications for messages (requests, follow-ups, references)
  • Current Host/Surfer info (dates, contact, message thread)
  • Events happening near you (whether at home or travelling)
  • Also the couchsurfing bar - so like: please enter your destination, it could be in the form of a quicksearch on the app. I am thinking this for people who are currently travelling and need to access and find a host ASAP, but I don’t like how it can be the main feature, it can be overbearing and time wasting (like for Airbnb app) - perhpas a searchbar at the end of the page