What other hospex platforms are you using?

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What do you love about the platforms you still use, or what do you wish they had? Are you hanging around for something better, or will you continue to use these platforms in conjunction with Couchers.org?

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Just want to say I’m still an active member of Couchsurfing.com and will probably continue to use it as a vehicle to meet/host people until the Couchers.org platform is up and running. When the time comes I will probably try to get my surfers to join Couchers.org if they’re unhappy on CS.

Tried to use BW and TR in the past, but neither had the perfect combo of events/hangout focused, apps, and references :slight_smile:

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I didn’t pay for CS. Just requested a copy of my data which I already received. Will soon ask them to delete my profile.
Started to use BW instead and will probably host my first surfer this month :slight_smile:

I will also “try to get my CS-surfers to join Couchers.org”, but I don’t need to keep my CS-profile activ for that since I have most of them on FB or WhatsApp.


In case anyone missed the Trustroots announcement last week:
Read more HERE


Host a Sister - basically just a fb group.

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That’s a great observation and probably the reason why I will continue to use warmshowers - cycletouring is a very different type of traveling and it is much harder to plan ahead.

I found most hosts signed up on that app were much more open to last-minute requests, and for a good reason. It has a different sense of community than other more general couch-surfing platforms. I love that a lot of hosts just have their phone number on their profiles so you can contact them directly, immediately, a testament to their willingness and eagerness to help out at a moment’s notice.

But I do not think it is a good model or comparison for Couchers.org in any way because it facilitates a much narrower kind of community. It doesn’t do events and hangouts or cater to all travelers. It does one thing and it does it, in my opinion, well.


But WarmShowers started having problems when they went to a contractor to redo the site. After a while they even blocked the apps that were maintained by independent volunteers. There were constant problems with requests not getting forwarded to the host. The leadership was very unresponsive.

They constantly ask for donations. Now new members are required to pay $30.

I was mainly hosting, but they banned me for being critical on their forum. I asked for my data according to GDPR but they just ignored that. I regret that I do not have a record of my guests.

I host and have been hosted many times in many countries, just by using Fb special interest groups, mostly volunteering on permaculture and natural therapies

I’m sorry to hear you had that bad experience with them! I didn’t know they started charging - that must be really new since I only joined a couple years ago.

I use some other international sites to connect with foreign nationals in the countries i want to visit. one is a language exchange site.

What is hospex? I presume it’s short for “hospitality exchange”. Is that right?

Yes, that’s right.

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