What's the covid status where you are?

What I mean is, what are the current restrictions (or lack of) where you live?

Just recently here in Vancouver, masks are no longer mandatory on public transit and most other places. Certain places can decide for themselves.

It feels too soon since the virus is not gone and we are still in a pandemic.

Also apparently vaccine cards will probably no longer be required for most places (such as restaurants) or events (music concerts, plays, etc) starting next month (though certain places can decide for themselves if they want to continue enforcing vax card requirements) and this I’m glad about since I don’t have a card because I only got 1 shot.

I’ve really missed all the wonderful public events that used to happen every year.

But yes, what are the (or are there) restrictions where You live?

Even tough I like to know this too from every place, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all the rules all over the world, since they change every day …

Currently in Belgium you don’t need anything except for mask in public transport and healthcare facilities.

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Montana, USA, our state has been pretty defiant against the mask/vax mandates, but the cities or counties with more people, especially college towns, have had more of them locally.

No mask mandates anywhere in the state now afaik. Medical facilities use them and some businesses. Also, our COVID numbers are very low now.

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