When is Couchers going to end the "beta"?

How much longer we have to wait for beta to end?

Also is there a way to verify all the users are real?

Might be a while. From the most recent newsletter:

Blockquote Notice: Feature Updates Paused Feature updates are going to be on pause for a little bit while work goes into a change in our backend infrastructure. Once this important maintenance has been completed, feature updates will resume as usual and can be followed on the blog and in this newsletter.

I don’t know of a way we users can verify other users, other than reaching out to people, having a good time in their company and getting references, which is the main way I remember starting out on CS.

If you’re concerned about there being loads of people who haven’t filled out their profiles, so am I: Not enough active hosts - #49 by gjw


Thanks for the reply. How many members are on couchsurf and how many members are currently on couchers?

Here, let me Google that for you:

14 million on Couchsurfing
18,000 on Couchers

You’re welcome


Reminds me of this conversation we had back in November.
CS apparently remained at 14M (0% growth) while couchers.org went from 6.5k to 18k (276% growth).
#yeahjusttrolling #allgoodfun

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You are joking when you say cs remained at 0% growth right?

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CS has sooo many dead accounts, and now paywalled accounts, only reason Reykjavik has about 30 active members (out of 8000 accounts) is cuz it’s free to use CS if you are from Iceland, if we were paywalled like the rest there would be even less to basicly no members

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