When is the mobile app to be expected?

I know this probably asked a lot, but I could not find information on this, roadmpa or anything like that. Grateful for any clarification.

They are planning to do this, however the site isn’t yet fully finished, all are volunteers and trying their best.
Also, but I am not really sure, they might not have (enough) people with the knowhow to create apps.

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There is also another concern, already seen on CA and WS: the web app and the mobile app may have different capabilities. So user of only one would find themself defrauded by their right if on their platform do not have all features.

There is currently a framework for a mobile app but not enough people to build it. Although we are constantly recruiting volunteers, it would be absolutely amazing if you know anyone with capacity who could join our volunteers team :slight_smile: we all need to do our part to spread the word! :innocent:


Will spread the word.