Where are all the families?

Looking through the members of Couchers in my country I wonder: Where are all the hosting and surfing families?
Most members around have the same info on their profile: Max # of guests 1

Maybe they haven’t gotten around to update their profiles just yet, but I miss the families that like ourselves have both the space to host other families and the willingness to do so. (So easy when kids can play with eachother while travelling.)

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i dunno about families (although i have hosted a few of them before) but i have my max set to 3, although on CS i have hosted upto 8 people in my apartment at once, many sleeping on the floor, but ppl have always been up for that

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I once hosted 10 (it was a band) but it was a bit much! Now I set mine to 8 but to be honest I might host more in the right situation. It would be great to hear ideas about how to make the platform more friendly for families and bands!

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Yes, it’s possible they haven’t update their profiles yet.

We are a hosting family and we can host families, too.
The thing is that my Max # of guests is set up to a lower number (2) which does not include children.
I have several reasons for it but mainly these two:

  1. I don’t want to get requests from bigger groups of people. Although I might be willing to host a family of 4 or 5 I do not want to host a group of 4-5 adults.
  2. some of our beds are suitable for children/shorter people but I wouldn’t offer them to adults/taller guests. Sometimes those beds can be shared (kids), sometimes they can’t. I do not want to advertise Max. # of 4-5 guests if only half of them would had a comfortable night.

It defaults to 1 if you haven’t set anything. Whoops!