Which notifications do we need the most?

Hi all!

A hot topic among community builders is the fact that our communities expect useful notifications in order to use the community features on the platform.

Which notifications are the most important to you? Do you find the current notifications useful?

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Well, for me, a really useful notification would regarding events going on. One weekly notification with all the events of the week, or even one sent half-/one hour before the event start could work.


I hope it is the right place to notify this: when we register to an event, we don’t receive any notifications if someone replies to the organizer or to others who participate.
So we have to login to check any replies or changes.


@Ronba yep you are in the right place!
The devs know how much trouble it is for us community builders to have to check everything religiously since there are no notifications. I am sure event notifications are a high priority but all the notifications will be rolled out at the same time, I understand, with the mobile app. So we have some time to wait :grimacing::grimacing:

I think these are the most important ones:

  • new friends / surfing request (we already have email about this)
  • new message (we also have email notification already)
  • new reference (I am not sure if there is already an email notification or not)
  • new comment for discussions on community page (at least for discussion owner or maybe for everyone who commented?)
  • new comment for event on community page (again at least for organiser)

Other useful notifications (but not the most needed) would be:

  • allow community members to opt-in for notifications about new events/discussions in the community

Thank you Emily, indeed it is important and I know you are aware of it, it was just a follow up for me and since it was my first event I realized even more its importance.
I sincerely would like to thank all of the site builders, it is a lot of work; it is easy for us to make requests or notify about bugs but much harder and time consuming to fulfill them, so take your time.


I had no idea that there are no notifications for events. I only joined 2 local in-person events so far and there was always created a dedicated chat for each event by our community builder. This way we got a notification every single time somebody commented. I know it’s not ideal but right now- until the issue is fixed- it’s probably better than manually checking whether somebody commented or not.


So I logged in by chance the other day and I discovered someone had posted in the community of my city with a desperate really cry to get the community started.
I never got a notification about this message.
I wonder… I know notifications are annoying but how can the couchers community grow and become alive if people have to log in every day in the hopes of something new being there? Notifications should be the default setting to all community postings with opt out option the day they become too much.
I know this would help for a fact, because I had to manually signal two others so they would see the message and join their voice to the community as well. Nothing turns off community participation more than weeks between replies.

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Maybe an option is also to have different lvl of notifications, like
All notifications
Summery once a week
Only on “your” topics
Only from Admins / community builders / …
No notifications at all

I don’t like a notification every day, however on topics I want to follow I don’t mind, but the others I still like a summery once a week.

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