Women's Working Group

Calling on all women-identifying Couchers.org members :slight_smile:

We are launching a monthly meetup/event/discussion specifically to chat about issues and features that pertain to the women of Couchers.org. It’s a great chance to get together and talk candidly about what we think can and can’t be done to make the platform better for women around the world. More specifically, how can we get more women to participate in the conversation, join Couchers.org, or take an interest in hospitality exchange in general?

You can express your interest here.


The group’s first meeting is today at 14:00 UTC! If you want to come and you haven’t been invited yet please reply here or fill out the survey link in the original post please :slight_smile:

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Hi all! In case you missed it last month, we are meeting again this weekend. It’s not too late to register your interest and drop by to hand out with other women from the Couchers.org community.

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Hey, we discussed making it optional to receive messages only from friends today, and I just got an idea: what if you can drop a message along with a friend request? That way it would be more clear if I want to friend the user or not