Writing reference to a person with no host/guest/friend link

We (Amy and me) are hosting together and each have our own profile in couchers, but of course the host request is sent to only one of us, usually Amy. As things are now, I’m not able to write or get a reference from our guests because … I was no host.
I also don’t want to make everyone a friend who visited just to be able to write a reference, I’m very selective with this feature.
Can it be made possible that you can write a reference to anyone ?

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I doubt that it will be made possible to write a reference to anyone. A solution for now could be to just regard the friend request as a consent feature. As in: Hi, I’d also want to leave you a reference and would be nice to receive one. You could then un-friend anytime after having exchanged the references. The other member will not be notified. Your friends list is also not public.

We already discussed the subject more generally in Profiles for couples and friend groups. I saw you had posted at the time that leaving two references worked fine for you on Couchsurfing. Though it seems most other members would prefer an option to link profiles. But maybe I’m biased because I’d also love to see the link feature and hope we can eventually implement it that way.

o, sorry about the double topic, I close this and look at the original one.

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