You can now message anyone

We’ve now changed the messaging system so you can message anyone. You’ll find a “Message” button under each user’s profile picture on their profile page.

We’ve also paired this up with a new flag button next to each message on the chat screen that you can use to report messages and chats. We’ll be using that flag button more and more and you’ll be seeing it around the interface.

Please continue reporting content that violates our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. Our awesome support team is always happy to investigate and help out even if you aren’t 100% sure of it!

A bit of background about this change: the original thinking was that not being able to arbitrarily message other users would reduce the number of unwanted messages some users were getting on other platforms. These were often unrelated to the core couch surfing experience and sometimes just plain creepy. However, we’ve found that restricting messaging didn’t have this effect: instead, when a user wants to contact a lot of people, they now send out huge numbers of friend requests that still feel unwanted but now the recipient won’t even know why they are being contacted! We have also found that it’s hard for our Community Builders to get in touch with others in an area or welcome them onto the platform when not being able to message them directly. So after receiving a bunch of feedback from our community here on the forum and elsewhere, and observing these challenges, we’ve decided to make this change!


Yaaaay! Thank you! :partying_face::grin:

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Excellent news!! :heart:

Can I check that prompts are sent to email address when messages, requests etc are received?

Customisable, of course !

I still think that the full messages should be sent to the email, not just a notification that a message has been sent. And then a reminder to read it …


Thanks for the feedback @csmbs ! This would be a great topic to discuss in a different thread; Notifications are a big part of the platform and it would be great to start a topic that specifically discusses notifications, the content of the notifications, and how the notifications should work.

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First message by a random member :smiley:

Please report it if you think it’s spam!

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@Niklas lucky you!