Community Builders wanted! :)

Hello all! :sparkling_heart:

With the first community features scheduled to be released very soon, we are gathering anyone who’d like to be part of the first core group of local community builders for your community page and discussions.

This is a test phase before we start intense recruitment for community leaders and moderators, so you can think of it as a temporary assignment (unless you want to be a permanent community leader/organizer/moderator - which would be great!). No pressure, though, and even if you just want to share your ideas, you are most welcome!

It’ll be a great chance to get more involved in the project and be in close contact with the developers, so please fill out this form with your availability, and hopefully talk to you soon! Don’t forget to include your email :slight_smile: The response deadline is Friday, June 4th, after which I will lock this thread and open a new one with the event time.

Excited to see you!


Just gonna tag some people here who I think might be interested: @Push-K, @Aleja, @husso, @marlean, @womxn, @SocratesUnderwater, @paul, @eloi, @TomMoon @chicagoamy, @michaela:innocent:

I probably forgot some people but if so it was unintentional! All are welcome of course!


@Emily I tried to sent you a message about this, but it said I couldn´t :confused:

Ah yeah I shut off my messages. I’ll message you, hang on. :rofl:

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insert outraged girl meme here :joy:

Ahahahha OUTRAGE!

By the way, @Aleja had a few questions, so I’ll just clarify a few thaaaaangs.

1 - We only expect virtual community building at the moment
2 - The features being released first are the main community pages and discussions
3 - The initial planning meeting will be about an hour, and we may have a couple other meetings later on, but other than that this shouldn’t take much of your time. We mainly want to see how you interact with the released features and what, if anything, is wrong with them :slight_smile:


This is very tech-unsavvy of me but, are the time slots automatically shown in our own timezone?

Ahahah totally legit question :slight_smile: No, it is not. You can choose your timezone at the top! Edit: Just added that bit because I realized it wasn’t showing! Looks like I’m the tech-unsavvy one :smiley:

Got it. For anyone else wondering: I think you have to create an account to be able to choose your time zone

silly question: but what are the responsibilities of a community leader for ?

Although we’ve had some chats about it internally, this interim period is part of the process of really figuring out what leaders/organizers will want to be able to do and what kind of tools they’d need.

I think it’s worth mentioning too that being a community leader, organizer, or mod will basically be what those individuals want it to be, combined with perhaps the expectation of representing their local community when it comes to issues and ideas they might have :slight_smile:

Update: I’ve proposed a time for a community building chat on Sunday, June 6th at 18:00 UTC! If that time does not work for you, but you are still interested, I will set up additional times at a later date. Respond here to let me know :slight_smile:

Works for me!

Here’s a link to the meeting this evening for anyone else passing by who might be interested.

Sorry I missed this. You know I have been out of Istanbul. Let’s talk later. I will be happy to support and I like the name. Community Builder :slight_smile:


All good @husso. We might be setting up another one with @Push-K and Kemal for Tuesday at 14:00 UTC (5pm Istanbul time).

It’s official, there’s another community building meeting Tuesday, June 8th at 14:00 UTC! Come join us at this link!

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Hey Emily, sorry I missed this, I’ve been having health problems. If there’s still a way for me to contribute, let me know. Amy and I have just started talking about rebuilding the Twin Cities HospEx community, so this would tie in well.


Don’t worry! We will group up again with the next round of community features :slight_smile: get well soon my friend!

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Would have loved to be part of it.
Could help to build communities in different countries as i have lived there or still know many people
contact me if you like

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Hey @memento326! I saw your intro post :slight_smile: I will be in touch with you the next time I organize a community building meeting! I will definitely be organizing more in the future. Until then, thanks for adding so much good content to our forums for discussion! A warm welcome to you :smiley: