Community Update: November 16

Platform Progress

  • 901 sign-ups in total

  • Improvements: Starting to implement and build out local communities including local guides, wikis, and discussion pages.
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The Forum

Weekly Community Video Hangouts

We’ve started hosting online video hangouts with the Couchers community. There is one online event every week for all community members. You can meet and chat with each other and get to know the Couchers community! Get answers to questions you may have about

The purpose of these online events is to let the Couchers community get to know each other, talk about anything related to couch-surfing, and answer any questions you may have. Learn about the latest updates with the project and give input on ways to make Couchers the most comprehensive it can be.

The date and time for the online events are chosen based on the response of community members. Check out the forum for the latest information.

If you want to join in on future events, be sure to comment in the discussion linked below. There you can see, and suggest, types of events—from discussions to games—and get in on the hangout!

Online Events - Discussion

Help Needed!

We are looking for volunteers for:

Frontend Development: To build the new website and platform in React.
Digital Marketer: To help develop email campaigns.
Graphic Designers: To design marketing and outreach collaterals.

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Community Forum

An essential part of Couchers is the community that is part of it. The features, usability, and impact of the platform are all influenced by the power of the community.

Our Couchers community forum has grown to nearly 300 people. There have been lots of interesting and informative topics put forth so far. Let’s keep the discussion going. Jump in and connect with a community of travelers, adventurers, and surfers. We appreciate your input as we move closer to getting the platform ready.

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Thanks to everyone involved!

Once again we are so grateful for everyone who has joined and helped shape Couchers so far. We’re really looking forward to the next few months because momentum really is not slowing down. Keep the discussions going, because they have been incredibly informative and educational so far. If you have something to say that isn’t already a topic, you can add a new topic! We welcome and encourage—and really appreciate—your participation at every level.

So thanks for reading, check out the Alpha, and head on over to the forum to give your two cents. Oh, and invite your friends!

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