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Yes, the “I did not feel safe” would and should carry a bigger weight.

Unclear as to whether lack of detail in the reference would have an impact, though in my experience references that are less than 20-30 characters many times are either spam, fake, or have hidden problematics that can benefit from user review and forwarding to a Trust & Safety team for further analysis.

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Is there already an idea how to calculate standing by weighing different criteria? To me it seems that if the “felt safe” criteria is to carry a meaning it will have to stay visible on it’s own.

Hi guys! Currently the features in alpha don’t have any input from the user experience research yet. So the things you see/test will NOT be the final version - including this reference and computation for community standing etc. Do head over to the references thread for this discussion!

For example, I put in the sliding rating scale in the interface. Personally I think having a single number to rate someone is terrible! It’s just a placeholder for testing.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your hard work! I’m quite optimistic with the way you’re dealing with the Couchers set up.
As per feedbacks, I love travelling solo and when doing that I used a lot the features of Events and Hangout the CS platform has.

Couldn’t find any of this there, so leaving these 2 suggestions here :v:



Thanks for the feedback, Angelo and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
It’s not in the alpha, but there’s a discussion and a vote on it in Hangouts vs. Events. So if you’d like to see both implemented, check it out and cast your vote there! :+1:

Still unable to log in. Running Chrome on Windows 8.1 if that helps.

Can you see if it works on your phone? Also make sure it’s ‘niek’ not ‘Niek’.

You’ll have to create a new account for the alpha (can’t login with the forum account). Sign up here:

No joy.

Click the ‘Haven’t signed up yet’ button and make an account (it’s not linked to the forum accounts yet). If it’s still not working, send an email to

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Works a treat. Basic things like “create an account” are often overlooked by people like me. #noobalert


Hey guys, when I see my host requests, the color displayed next to their name is my color, not theirs. Not sure why that would be.

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 5.35.48 PM

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Hiya, I’m new here, i just tried to ‘sign up’ but it won’t accept any usernames that i try. I’m using lowercase, and i tried random letters that’s very unlikely to be a taken username. It just highlights username in red and says it needs to be lower case underneath ( it is lowercase) and has a big warning at the top of the page saying ‘Please fix your username’

I’m try to sign up from my phone

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Hi Falx, I’m not sure why that happened, but hopefully someone from backend can swing by and do a bit of troubleshooting on it. @aapeli?

By the way, welcome to the forum!

Thank you for reporting this! And welcome to the forum! We’ll make sure the dev team looks into this!

Hi Emily and Jesse, I tried again yesterday and was able to sign up successfully. Not sure what the problem was before, but now it works :slight_smile:


Hi all, we’ve wiped the messages and hosting requests because the database schema changed. Everything else should be there and you should still be able to login as normal and poke around!

What a great idea to set up this new platform. I am very excited about it !
Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:

  1. On user signup it is usual to ask for the suggeested password twice and compare them to eliminate typos in inputting the password to set up. This improves user experience on next login !
  2. Introduce a search feature for this forum. Not just to search for group categories but to search for keywords in the forum posts. This will greatly improve the chances of user s finding what they are looking for.
  3. Is it a good idea to setup groups so that users with similar interestes can meet in one place online and receive emails when new items are posted ?
  4. Try to make the website and mobile app offer identical features so it is transparent as to which interface users are using as the same functionality is available on both platforms.

Hi Simon! Welcome and thanks so much for the great suggestions! My thoughts:

  1. Yes, this is something that will be implemented on the beta
  2. I agree a forum search is really important! There is already a search feature that looks for keywords. The hovertext says it only searches a few things, but it should look for keywords too (within individual posts). If for some reason you’re finding it is not working, let me or @nolo know
  3. Are you suggesting within the forum or the platform? The platform will allow you to subscribe to updates to community pages, interest groups, group chats, etc
  4. This is a good idea! The first iteration will be based on a mobile design (that will also work on desktop) and later iterations we should have native apps for iOS and android as well. The desktop UI/UX will also be improved as well. But since most travelers use the version on their phone our focus is on that first.
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