platform alpha

Hi everyone. Here’s the alpha version of the platform. Feel free to go in, make an account, and poke around.

Please don’t set your expectations too high. It’s buggy, it hasn’t been integrated with the design team yet (so it’s a bit clunky and ugly), and it doesn’t have all the features. This is just a rudimentary frontend to test that everything is working behind the hood. It’s just a first look to show what we’ve been up to, and iron out some of the bugs with your feedback.

All data will be wiped several times before the actual launch which is several months away.

If you spot any bugs, please email and the development team will try to get them fixed ASAP! Check it out here:

We’ll upgrade it regularly, so feel free to check back in whenever you like to see the progress.

Be sure to report bugs and we’ll get to them ASAP
or on mobile


KNOWN BUGS (No need to report):

  • Friends page shows numbers instead of people’s names, and also the profile links don’t work

  • Search is by name only (try ‘lucas’ or even ‘a’)

  • You can’t send new messages from the messages screen yet (do it from someone’s profile)

  • Message notifications don’t work properly (Host requests should!)

  • Profile pictures don’t appear anywhere except where you upload them


  • You can use markdown in your ‘about me’ and ‘about home’ sections, see my profile for an example

Big thank you to the backend team for all your hard work :sparkling_heart: :raised_hands: :heart_eyes:




I tried to register but it´s not taking any username. I tried long, short, letters with and without numbers, with or without spaces… Not sure what am I doing wrong. Can someone clarify what are the username requirements? Or did I just hit a bug?

Letters and/or numbers only should work, (no spaces)!

If it still doesn’t work, DM me a screenshot or to the email in the first post (:blush:

It doesn´t work, I emailed you =(

@Aleja: usernames have to be lowercase at the moment. Sorry we didn’t make that very clear! The app should automatically make the text lowercase :slight_smile:

I wanted my username to be misspoptart, but I got this…

redacted for privacy :smiley:


That means the username is taken (because you have a profile in the automatic ‘test data’ that gets put in), but we’ll fix it to give a nicer error.

Tracked as (only visible to developers at the moment)

Hi everyone !
(I’m not used to write on forums, I guess I’m not in the right section I am already sorryyy about that)
That looks quite promising, congratulation for this hard word. And mostly, Thank You !
About the navigation in the website I think it could be nice to keep the navigation menu bar accessible from every pages.
I mean for instance, in my profile, if I clic on “Notifications” then on the first one which is for me “Earned ‘First Like’”, I see the notification itself and if I want to go back on the list I have no choice but to go and clic on previous page on my browser, this isn’t very smooth navigation. Of course this is just my opinion :wink:
Thanks again for the good work.


I am not a fan of when I click on Forum I leave completely.
I love it if the forum could “open in a new window”

also trying to send a message to Emily, from having typed her name in the search bar


Can’t login. Both my username (Niek) and my email address are not recognised. Not much else to say.

For some reason I always consider myself a perfect test pilot. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong in my case. Even the simplest of websites throw errors at me. Murphy (he of that law) and I must be related.

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The error message is a bit unhelpful here (we’ll change it), but what it’s saying is that you have to be friends with Emily first before you can send a message (just the rule for now). Make sure you add her and she accepts!

Usernames must be lower case (we’ll add a note for that). Unsure why the email isn’t being recognise but see if that fixes it.

Family gatherings must be fun :joy:

I LOVE how you have to actually click on the profile before sending a request.


I’m just glad you’re here! You’re also in the right place :slight_smile: If you have a suggestion that you think could become a new discussion, you can start your own thread. Otherwise, replying here about the alpha is fine!

  • I can’t send messages to someone I’ve rejected unless I change the status to accepted - is that intentional? I also want to be able to press enter to send messages, if possible!

  • I got a friend request from someone named @33, I accepted, then I wanted to check their profile. It said the profile did not exist.

Yes, you can’t add messages to the host request once it is ‘closed’. (For now…)

That’s the user ID, not their username. It will be fixed!

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As there will be a dedicated process for verification, I’d suggest not requiring verifiably accurate information at the initial signup (like birthday right now, or possibly family name). I think we should signal good data economy (only asking for stictly necessary data) from the start and ask for data to be verified at the right time, that is at verification.

Could even make verification more distinguished if unverified profile just don’t show age at all.