Flag / flags / flagging - tattle / tattling / telling

Hello to all couchers here. I like the idea of the web-page and hope it will grow quickly. I love the idea of couch surfing and couching. I host a lot of people and it has been a great experience.

When I just familiarized myself with the web-page-functionality I clicked on the flag to see what is behind it and I was disgusted / shocked wondering where this is going to go with this website?
why not make it something fun? Is this site meant to be a “go to war with someone” site?

If you give the non-fun-lovers all these options they will use it and create a lot of administration and a non-fun-site, who deals with it?

Each time a user that has a bad day or doesn’t get along with another user, an admin gets a message and has to deal with it? really? seriously??
Who is going to admin all these junk-messages, why not put time and effort into making this a great site?

Will there be a “jury” to decide over the case? Is a male or a female deciding over a case reported by a male or female? Will a Mexican person decide over the complaint of a Mexican or is it going to be a Chinese or Russian? Cultures are different …

Who ever created that “flagging” tattling & telling kindergarten has created a huge problem that will eat up massive resources just because one user had a migraine and couldn’t smell the other person.

An adult is able to contact the person directly and discuss “in person” what they don’t like about them.
Why encourage this to become a sandbox?

what is Spam? If a user promotes their business or website? What is wrong with that? If you don’t like what you see then don’t click on it or leave the profile. Just give the user the option to block a profile. Probably it could be nice to see a number in the search results by how many people a profile has been blocked. Drop “Spam” profiles to the bottom of the search results. Probably also nice to see how many positive and negative reviews a user has in the search results before someone clicks on the profile to open it.

Dating / Flirting
Who came up with this? What is wrong with flirting and dating? This could be an awesome flirting and dating site. I saw some ideas here in the forum about people suggesting a shared bed.
Just give the user the option to select “not interested in flirting and dating” and display it in the search list. But please let the people flirt and date!
Tinder and Grinder has a lot of users and mostly they have fun I think.
Give the user the option to block a profile and rate it, give the search the option that you can not be found by someone that has “interested in flirting” selected in their profile. that is all that is needed.
Block these profiles also from minors.
just separate them from each other but don’t shoot them for trying to have fun and hook up.
For one it’s flirting and not welcome, for others it’s a welcomed compliment…
Again, let the user decide, don’t turn this into a policing kindergarten.

Incident off platform
Just give the user the option to block & rate a profile. Why create unnecessary administration and again, a kindergarten?

Commercial content
So? Rate and drop it in the search results.

Just give the user the option to block & rate a profile. Why create unnecessary administration and a k…?

Fake account / misleading
Just give the user the option to block & rate a profile. Why create unnecessary administration? An account of their dog could be fun and bring people here through social media if there are fun-fake accounts. Do they hurt anyone? Is this site for people that don’t like to laugh?
I saw once someone selling a cigarette butt on ebay and he wrote a huge story about how he smoked and enjoyed that butt. I think he sold it in the end for over 100€ and everybody was sharing it on social media. I’ll bet that was 10’s of thousands of clicks, if not more. BS can be fun!

Just give the user the option to block & rate a profile. Why create unnecessary administration and again a kindergarten? one might be happy to share and give to the people that have less. There is so many different cultures in the world, for one it’s freeloading, for others sharing.

Breach of Community Guidelines
Just give the user the option to block & rate a profile. Why create unnecessary administration…?

Something else
Just give the user the option to block & rate a profile. Again why create unnecessary administration …?

Why encourage A§$"%&§s that are not open-minded and like reporting others to use this site?
If you don’t like something talk to the people directly and don’t “report and tell”.

Our culture has sadly become a telling / tattling culture.
If you are not happy with your neighbour mowing the lawn at 12 because the baby is sleeping then go there and talk to him, he might apologize and invite you for dinner or a BBQ?
Don’t call the police, send an aircraft-carrier or sue McDonald for them serving you a hot coffee after ordering one…

Give a flag option and once a profile has been flagged 10, 3, 5, 20 or whatever times then send it to an admin for review.
That is all that is needed! Please, Please, Please!!!
Don’t police this site to death!

I just had another look on the site.
Even on the top you can report “inappropriate content or behaviour”.
But I couldn’t find a single way to block a profile, am I just blind?
Guys & Girls this is just big BS!
Sorry, but I am just trying to help

Hi Matthias! Currently there is not a way to block any users, but we do plan on adding this functionality later on. In the meantime we encourage users to report any harassment or violation of our community guidelines by using the reporting tools on the platform or by e-mailing safety@couchers.org with the relevant details. For more information, please see our help pages.


Funnily I just listened to the backdrop story of that meme (“McDonald gets sued for serving hot coffee”) on a radio talk the other day. That was on spanish radio, but for everyone who has a few mins time to kill and wants to take this meme out of their state-of-our-society-repertoire here’s a short video from a local station in Albuquerque where the case happened:

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A lot is wrong with it when it’s mixed with couchsurfing. It may not be obvious to you, but it really harms the uptake of the hospex for women in particular. See Should Couchers.org make it clear that the platform is not for dating? for a very clear picture of why we came to that decision.

Also, as a general response to your topic, the women on our volunteers team, women’s working group, and in our community want a flagging system, and the benefits of it evidently outnumber the drawbacks for us. Specifically, it allows people to avoid aggressive/dangerous confrontation and also helps victims remain anonymous if they so choose. Not sure if you read through the shared bed thread, but our community was largely against the idea of it.

We appreciate your ideas and I’m happy to see your post though! Thanks for joining the forums :relaxed: