How do you feel about the name 'couchers' - a simple poll

In another thread (that has been going for a while) a simple poll was posted - it would be great to have more people participate in it - one question, 3 options, just seconds to complete.

Check it out at the bottom of this thread: The name Couchers - #90 by nolo

I’m just posting it here so that we make sure as many can see it as possible.

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Yes, thanks for that @tyssniffen :blush:

I’d still like to point out that this is not a new vote on the name. I can’t speak for the community, but with regards to Volunteers I believe most of us a very happy with the name. We also moved ahead with our marketing, messaging, and legal incorporation all based on the brand.

With regard to incorporation, Couchers, Inc. has just been accredited non-profit status as a 501(c)(3) organization in the US. This is a big step and success, reducing the arguments Couchsurfing had put forward when their application failed to shambles. You can learn more about the accredition on our blog post:

As well as on our dedicated foundation page: Couchers, Inc. |

So why a poll? I’d still think it’s good to hear feedback on the name and the brand. So if we get a lot of unhappy responses to the name, the consequence as I see it is not a name change, but putting more effort into our messaging about it. I also set up this poll in a very offhand way, so there’s really not much sophistication to it. But I could as well see us working out more regular feedback polls on various aspects of the platform and overall project.


This is tangentially relevant so linking here, but also because I don’t have the badge for linking :slight_smile: