How i can find travellers?

How i can find travellers?
I am a Thai host, I wanna searching travellers and offer them to be my new guest

Hopefully in the future there will be an app​:blush::pray:t2: it will be easier to use. and more well-known
Because new travellers and hosts will see the app on the app store​:grin::v:t2:

:pushpin:Thank younfor team to make a great this wepsite​:pray:t2::+1:t2:

@ChristianoReina you are asking the question on the Couchers forum. To find hosts and travellers etc, you need to login to, where there is a map search and communities for you to join - although, while this project is in development, both functions are somewhat limited. Looking at communities on, I can see that there’s one for Thailand, which you could start contributing to here, although responses might be limited, given that there are currently so few active members in your country.