Introduce Yourself!

Hey Guys,

My name is Pushkar but you can call me Push. Currently, I am an Intern with an NGO for climate change and education in India. I have lived for few years in Europe for masters and work. I am fluent in Italian, Spanish and in English. I am planning to do another masters soon. Hope it works out.


Nice to meet you, Push! Welcome to the forums.

Thanks Emily for your reply. Is there any way that I can be of any help? Please let me know

Hi everyone! So happy to have found and want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of you who started this. You rock :star2:

My name is Mindy, I’m a writer and architect from Los Angeles, USA, and I started hosting through Couchsurfing over summer 2018. I met a bunch of cool people from all over the world and got to play tourist with them in my own backyard. Then I took off from my career to travel the world and finish a novel, and haven’t looked back. Latest adventure has been getting stranded in Paris by COVID and experiencing the pandemic from the other side of the world. It’s been wild. And now I speak French.

So excited to be a part of this new community (I can help with graphics/writing?) and see where it goes :blush:


Well it was cool that you came to the online event! Hopefully you can help us kickstart some interest in India :slight_smile:

Thank you for being here! :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums!

Hello All! My names is Can, currently living in Istanbul/ Turkey. I used to be on CS( since 2008). I have randomly found the Couches community. And I am so excited. Happy to see you all together!


Hi Can! I also live most of the time in Istanbul, and have been on CS since 2008. I bet we have a few friends in common. :slight_smile: Nice to see you, welcome to the forum.

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Used to be? not anymore?

Can, selam, forumda hoşgeldin! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Pushkar it was great meeting you on the video chat the other night! It’s great to see you in the forum!

@mindelyn Welcome Mindy! It’s awesome to have you here and we’re excited you want to help out! The first steps would be to sign up here and make sure you indicate you want to help out and fill out the information. Then in the meantime, we’d love to get your input and opinions in the forum!

@can_t Hello Can! Welcome to the forum! We’re glad to have you here – especially with so much CS experience; we’d love to hear your opinions and suggestions throughout the forum topic threads!


Well I didnt pay for it. So I can not reach my profile.

Hey everyone!

I signed up a while ago, but haven’t really been able to get involved much. Safe to say the last 6 months have been interesting.

I’m originaly from Western Canada, left home about 5 years ago, started in Australia, then Asia, a bit of northern Africa, now I’ve been in Europe for the past couple of years. Mostly applying for different working holiday visas to stay longer and using Work Away to help out on a bunch of interesting projects.

I used CS a lot, primeraly as a guest. I’ve never stayed in a place of my own long enough to host, but would love to change that. I’ve met so many great people who are still in my life, and it deffinetly provided me with a lot of different experiences.

I’m currently in Northern France, Lille, with my parter. I’m technically here illegaly now, I applied for a longer stay visa, but with the way things are going I might have to head back to Canada soon.

Chris Torres


if you have already applied for longer visa then technically you are not illegal. But suppose you extended your stay illegally, do you think you might face issues going back to France in the future? I am just curious.

PS: amazing that you have traveled so many continents. You must have amazing stories. I would love to travel like this too.

Glad to have you here, Chris! Let us know if you need anything and feel free to join in any discussion.

I have no idea, but I’m hoping there is a bit of understanding with what’s going on.

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Awesome! Looking forward to it.

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I loved CS so much about ten years ago. I want that back. I made so much great friends. I also discussed a lot with the web developers during the CouchSurfing Rotterdam Collective in 2007. Now I would like to be involved with this great website!


I´m Nathan. I´ve only ever lived in the US (Colorado at the moment), but have traveled some, in the Americas and Europe. I first encountered the idea of couch-surfing in the early 00s and joined the (now defunct) CS organization on ´08. I´ve hosted and surfed (in the US, Americas and Europe).
Out of school, I was a geologist until the industry crashed in the mid 80s, switched to IT where I rode the ´´ bubble to it´s bursting point in 02. Since, have slowly retired and traveled, meeting lots of great friends.
I´m anxious to help recreate the magic of that original incarnation of CS - at least the GOOD parts. It is terribly exciting that others feel the same way and are dedicating some cycles toward that end!


Welcome Marco and Nathan! It’s great to have you here! It sounds like you both have a lot of experience and it will be great to hear your input in the forum!


Hi Everyone,

Former CouchSurfer from Sydney, Australia here :slight_smile:
After many years of going to meetups, hosting and surfing (and meeting some incredible friends) from 2008, I started to become disillusioned as community dwindled and freeloaders and creeps increased.

I’d love to see the second coming and help Couchers in any way. I’m a Product Manager by day and schemer and dreamer by night.

I see that there are a lot of AU based folks in here so if anyone wants to chat over beer, coffee or your beverage of choice about fond memories of travelling and meeting new people hit me up.