Introduce Yourself!

Great to have you here, Gab! Welcome!

Always good to have a Product Manager in the house! I’m looking forward to seeing you around in the forum. Yeah, there are a lot of people from AU an NZ here, so there’s a good chance you could meet in person. We’ll have to do a conference / couch crash somewhere once the pandemic subsides.


I am Niko, a 46-year old man from Finland but now temporarily living in the Canary Islands, Spain. I have been an active member of different hospex platforms since Hospitality Club, and have hosted over 300 guests in CouchSurfing (and still doing it, I have no plans to leave CS). I am also a member of BeWelcome, TrustRoots and Warm Showers, and decided to check this one too.


Gidday Niko. I hope you can bring some of your knowledge and experience to this website in its formation stage. There aren’t many people on this site, but two are from the Canary Islands.


time for a commercial break :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi! I’ve just moved out from my parents place, and decided to join Couchsurfing, but was shocked by the fee, and started looking up alternatives. I’m hoping to surf and host, and waiting for the pandemic to calm down.

I’m 19, studying urban planning in Uppsala, Sweden. I like outdoorsy stuff, crafting(mostly carpentry) and cooking/baking. Basically, I like having a more “simple” life style and do things myself. If your in Stockholm/Uppsala, hit me up!


Hello guys!
I’m Krzysiek, 25, living in Kraków, Poland and currently working as a software engineer. In my free time I’m practising freestyle football, cycling, hiking, playing chess & board games. Happy to be a part of this community and looking forward to help improving Couchers :wink:

Would love to go on a hitchhiking trip this year and maybe meet some of you :wink:



Hello everyone [=
My name is Bernardo, I live in Vitória, Brazil. I live with a dog, I’m an artist working in education. I learned to bake bread and cookies during the pandemic. I love karaoke, hiking and camping, yoga, movies and TV. And couch surfing.


Welcome Krzysiek, welcome Bernardo! Happy to have you both here.


Hi there!
I’m Johannes, currently living in Reutlingen (near Stuttgart, southern Germany). I surfed with CS and Warmshowers (kind of a CS for cyclists) a lot on my two big bike trips in '15 and '18, hosted some people in the meantime and afterwards - and I’m eager to start again when the plague is gone again. :slight_smile:
I just heard about this project from a friend in Poland (a former host, actually :smiley:) and I really like what I’m reading so far. Will be nice to have an actually usable non-biking-alternative to Warmshowers again! :slight_smile:
Best wishes,


Hey Johannes, I’m also big fan of biking with panniers! :wink: Good to see biking community growing :smiley:


Hey all,

I’m Aris a software developer living in Amsterdam. Had amazing experiences and I’m sad the CS community stopped, I used to frequent the Sat meetings in Ams if anyone is familiar. Great initiative here, I hope it sails well


Welcome Aris! Hope to see you at our next online
social event if you’re interested!

Hey y’all!

I’m Akira. Currently living in Europe, but was an active host in Kyoto when I was living there. No relevant skills I can think of, but hit me up if you need someone that speaks Japanese or know a lot about trees. Excited to see this project develop!


Hello everybody!
My name is Alicia, & I live in New Orleans, Louisiana.
I have a bachelor’s in behavioral studies & I work in the mental healthcare field. I don’t know how that could be useful for the site at this time, but I’m here if you need me!
I’ve traveled a good bit around the country, mainly driving, alone, with just a tent & some clothes in my trunk, & no destination in mind.
But I have never actually left the U.S.
I’m hoping to change that next year, if possible :heart:
I used to couchsurf before we had sites for it :slight_smile: & I’ve never been able to host because I never had the space for it, but I kinda do now.
I’ve had issues with couchsurfing sites …


I joined a couchsurfing site (can’t remember the name of it) a few years ago when I would road trip on a whim. But I remember having difficulty either finding a host, or finding a host that didn’t have multiple bad reviews that accused them of theft and/or assault. I joined CS and got stuck be on the payroll before I could even check anything out. I’m not going to pay for something that I don’t know will benefit me at all.

But, I have high hopes for a community-driven place like this!! I’m excited for the future of Couchers, & the potential to meet y’all soon (at the event on the 18th) :partying_face:


Hey, everyone. I’m Monique from the US and I’m just remembering that I didn’t do a proper introduction. I’m a full-time psych student and I’m originally from JA. I’d like to help grow the community but I’m not sure what I can contribute. I’m hoping to make friends with solo travelers/solo traveler + dog like me.

Thanks for making this site.


Hi Fleur, i think it would be helpful if you could tell the team here what problems you had on CS so attempts can be made not to have them repeated on
To make improvements for this new hospex website is partly what this planning stage is all about before it gets implemented.
There should be a contact link but I can’t see it - I think it’s just


Welcome to all the new members! I hope some of you can come to our next online event so we can chat in person (kinda!)

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Hi @colins :wave:
I put the problems I had with CS under the summary on my intro post, but I’ll quote it here.

To add a bit more: I’ve had airbnb hosts cancel on me at the last second.

Like @monique, I have a dog (Stella) who travels with me on occasion. Travel companion dogs make it difficult to find a host!
Even if they allow dogs, it’s usually small dogs only, & Stella is a big dog (German Shepherd & Australian Shepherd mix), even though she thinks she’s a lap dog.

When I’ve traveled with my oldest daughter (16), I’ve have difficulty finding a spot for two people. Even if we were okay to camp in someone’s backyard because we just needed to safely get a couple hours of sleep.


hi, i’m eloi, i’m a farmer, i never got to use cs much, hosted only 3 times and was hosted about 5 times. this is a nice project, i’m here for it🤠


HI Eloi! Nice to meet you! I hope you’ll join our weekly social event on Sunday so we can get to know you and answer any questions you might have in person (well, kinda :slight_smile: )

Saw your friend request on the app, too! Thanks :blush:

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