Introduce Yourself!

Hi Guys,

My name is Val and I’m mostly have expertise in Strategy development and project management (platforms and digital projects). I am from Belgium and ran a design thinking and tech development company for 8 years - moved 3 years ago to Australia.

Very excited about and looking forward to interacting with you all!


Hi, I’m Emily. I’m originally from Maine, USA, but I have lived in Istanbul for seven years and am currently in New Zealand. I have experience in the game industry, film, publishing, marketing, and community management. I am looking forward to meeting everyone else who’s interested in the project.

I also speak Spanish and Turkish! :v:


Hi all! I’m Lucas. I’m from Melbourne, Australia, but I’ve been living in London for 5 years studying music peformance (viola). I have (too) many hobbies and one is programming/making apps (

I also speak French quite well (lived in Paris for a while a long time ago), and am trying to learn Mandarin (it’s really hard).


Hello! I’m Kelly from Singapore, and I’m a graphic designer. Loved traveling, meeting new people and having new experiences before the virus hit lol. Looking forward to meeting the new Couchers community! Cheers!


Hi I’m Cláudio, from Portugal but living in France.
I’ve been using hospitality exchange platforms since 2007 and I’m looking forward to the development of couchers. My background is in Computer Engineering, currently working as a QA Analyst.
Oh, and I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. Olá / hello / hola / salut!


Hello! I’m Trenton, from Canada. My first experience couchsurfing was just about a year ago in Argentina, and I had such wonderful experiences that I really want to see Couchers take shape and fill the void that the couchsurfing app left behind. I’m really excited to see an app that serves the community it’s for more than shareholders/etc. My background is in writing/editing/publishing/marketing. I speak spanish and english! As a canadian I SHOULD also speak french but it’s just been so long since I’ve tried :stuck_out_tongue:


hi all.
I’m a creative mind who likes to travel and meet travelers.
We (there is always me and Amy) just miss meeting couchsurfers and the community I left behind,
we hope things get better soon.


Hey y’all!
I’m Florian from Hamburg, Germany.
Also lived in Canada and France for some years.
From 2010 to 2020, I was excessively hosting and surfing :smiley:
Met a french/mexican girl on a couchsurfing meeting - now we are married since 3 years :smiley: She also is an excessive hoster/surfer and we’d really love to go on like that, but for sure not with
I don’t know how we can contribute to develope, but we are both scientists, motivated, speaking several languages and have some coding skills.
Looking forward to see this project grow!


Just a quick hello all to say I am really loving the bottom up, “ideas and input are welcome” approach. This is very refreshing and feels good.

As we’ve seen with BW & TR, one make or break issue is critical mass: having enough members (numbers) to make the platform viable, useful, and reliable.


Hello, I’m Steven from TIENEN Belgium, hence the nickname Tienenaar. :stuck_out_tongue:
Have been a very long time Couchsurfing member. Recently joined BeWelcome and also found out about Couchers.
Have studied graphics, mainly the printing side of things but did do some design work for local organizations and love doing it, if I’m in the correct mood for it.
So might be able to help out if things need designing or giving my honest opinion on it.


Hello Couchers, my name is Gerard Heerebout, from the Netherlands and member of CS for many years. I didn’t use CS so much when travelling, but hosted quite a number of nice people and I want to continue with that. Living in the countryside, biologist. Looking forward to be in touch with Couchers!


Hello everyone!

I am Drashya, originally from Ghaziabad, India. I am currently living in Paris, and speak French quite well. I work in the energy industry, and have expertise in renewable energy technologies. I have also lived in London, Nairobi, Bengaluru, Rouen and Essen (Germany).

I’m very excited for the Couchers project to take off, and start using it! It is an amazing initiative! :smiley::star_struck:


Hey all, I’m Jakub from Poland! Currently living in Zielona Góra, close to the border with Germany. CS member since 2010, mostly surfer, but also hosted a lot when I was studying in Poznań (and I hope to focus more on hosting when I move back there, of course on!)

I’m a huge hitchhiking/backpacking lover, recently came back from my 1 year hitchhiking trip in Asia and now trying to have my first steps in UX research / design world. I am a Psychology MA with some experience in qualitative and quantitative research and now starting post-graduate studies in UX Design / Product Design.

I can communicate in Russian and Esperanto! I’d love to finally learn Spanish and explore South America for at least a year some day :wink: Also I lived over one year in Iceland, a country which I absolutely adore.

Super exited to join the community!


Hi! I’m Ernesto from Montevideo (Uruguay) were I used to be a web designer. In 2010 decided to take my long standing passion with ancient Egypt to the next level and moved to Luxor (Egypt), were I live now, doing Egyptological research and science communication. I joined CS in 2011 and have been the main active Luxor host ever since. As a child I lived 3 1/2 years in Italy (Torino and Siena) so I also speak Italian (although I’m really out of practice), apart from Spanish and English.


Hi i am jonjon and i am from the island of cebu. I have hosted people in couchsurfing before but i have never actually travelled. I am a welder by profession. I joined couchsurfing because i dont have the luxury of travel and I only get to know other cultures through my guests. I hope this community grows and is goes in the right direction.


Hello all! I’m Amelia from Malaysia. Currently based in one of the island call Langkawi (north of Malaysia, close to Thailand) and I had the opportunity to host plenty of interesting travelers. I run a preschool and I can speak English, Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin, trying to learn italian. I’ve hosted more than I have surfed and I’m excited to see this platform grow. I really like the solution that couchers has proposed so far. Stay safe everyone :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Stef and I live in the south of the Netherlands near the German and Belgium border. I am a graphic designer/content developer, have a cooking blog and breed ducks. I used to be on CS. Can’t wait to host again.
I can speak Dutch, English, German and am good at French, and currently learning Turkish and Romanian.

Glad to see so many cultures here! This is going to be great!


Hey everybody! I’m Matthew, from MN in the US, and living back there now but also lived in Egypt, Thailand, Honduras, Japan, and Norway along the way. I was active with couchsurfing since 2007, an Ambassador for most of that time and planned several Couch Crashes, but don’t use it anymore. I assume I’m ‘preaching to the choir’ but I wrote up my reasons for leaving and am happy to share them with you.
I’m hopeful that Couchers goes right where CS went wrong, and it’s good to meet you all!


Hey Matthew! It’s great to see you on here! Super excited to hear your input!

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