Welcome to the Couchers.org Forum

Welcome to the Couchers.org Forum!

Here you will find hundreds of passionate couch surfers from all around the world, coming together to discuss our dream platform for couch surfing.

We’d love for you to share your thoughts and join in the conversation.

Great steps to get started

  • Check out the Welcome topics
  • Read our Community Guidelines. We are dedicated to building a safe and welcoming platform for everyone. We care about a kind and respectful tone on the forum.
  • Try the beta release of our app. Keep in mind, this is an early development version.

Meet the community

  • Introduce yourself to the rest of the community.
  • Come to one of our weekly online events and meet some other members. We hold two online events each week to accommodate people in different time zones.

Your way around the forum

  • Visit the Top page to see the most actively discussed topics
  • Visit the Categories page to get a broad overview of what’s going on here
  • Look up Search. We might already have a conversation going on exactly what you’re looking for!

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the @moderators team!

Thanks for being here and joining us :heart: