Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone, I’m super excited about the launch of the new beta!

I’m currently based in Madison, WI. Can’t wait to host again when the pandemic is over.

By the way are there plans to support CouchSurfing profile export data? I’ve been slowly building up my CS profile over the past couple of years and would love to be able to carry over some references/connections. Thanks!

Edit: oh and feel free to add me on couchers or on CS :)


Hi @bwu, great to have you join us on the beta and on the forum!

We’re hoping to support it sometime in the future, but there are some logistical issues with it. For now we’re prioritizing getting some more of the basic features out before spending a lot of time on this!

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Yeah that sounds reasonable. Looking forward to the seeing the new Couchers features soon, thanks for everyone’s hard work so far. The beta looks great so far :smiley:


Hi, I’m Ellen. I’m from Vancouver, Canada, though currently living on the Big Island of Hawaii. I’ll be back to the mainland next month, and I look forward to travelling and hosting when this pandemic is over. I’m also a fellow exile from CS, an active user since 2012. It was my heart and soul for a long time, and I was sad to see its decline and ultimate demise. Hoping to find community here and meet some awesome folks.


Wellcome @el-len, welcome @AnneSchwarz!

Great to see you here. Hope to see you at one of our weekly online events (Tuesday or Sunday)!


Hi, I’m Jake, I live in London, UK and Nairobi, Kenya; I’m a Software Engineer, hope to find some time to contribute on some issues at some point!


Hi all,

I am Lennart, a Dutch IT guy. I have been using couch surfing mostly while studying between 2009 and 2014, and mycouch surfing holidays are still some of my favourite holidays.

Recently I have been getting into cycle touring. When COVID is a bit more under control I would like to go on a year long tour of Europe, hopefully meeting some of you in person.

I am excited about the design, organisational structure and IT architecture of Couchers. It is looking really good guys, cudos! I would love to help out with the technical side of things in the coming months.


Welcome @lenanrt and @jakeii! Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with around the forums or the beta platform. And don’t hesitate to start your own threads if you have any ideas that haven’t been mentioned. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I’m Elom. I currently live in Colorado, USA but have traveled around a bit. Mostly in Europe. I’m also a former couch-surfer who became tired of their bs after they locked so many people out.

This community seems very promising and I would love to help where I can. I have a background in computer information systems, product management and growth marketing. I also speak French, English and a little bit of Spanish. I won’t be able to commit to anything for a few months, as I’m finishing up some studies but I will have more free time after that. Looking forward to meeting many of you.


Welcome Elom! I hope to meet you at one of our weekly online events :slight_smile: let me know of I can help with anything and we look forwarding to hearing your ideas!!

Thanks Emily! Looking forward to joining one of the weekly events soon.


Hi everyone! My name is Cody K. If you are in Los Angeles and drive a little too far North on the pacific coast highway you will end up where I live. Come stop by and say hi. For now I travel much around the US since there is so much land to keep a photographer and adventurer busy. I experienced the good days of couchsurfing and made lasting friendships surfing with other USAers and I would like to be part of a community to share adventures with.


Hey Cody! Welcome to the forums. Feel free to start new topics (if you have something that hasn’t been discussed), revive old threads, attend a weekly event, or give us feedback about the beta version! I’m always here if you need anything. See you around!

I’m Blake, currently living (and soon hosting) in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, California. Later this year I plan to ride my bike through France, Spain, and Portugal. I’ve been on CS since 2008 (username: blakebo) and adore the connections it helps to facilitate.

Honestly, I’m not too miffed about CS charging $$, but I do think their website and mobile app are woefully bad, and I support any off-shoot that’s trying to do a better job. It’s also nice to be part of a more active community.

More about me @ blakeboles dot com


Holy smokes, “the” @blakebo from Camp Deer Crossing, an absolute legend! I was a cook there back in 2011 and 2013. It is a small world after all…

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Hi, I am Peter and living in Nijmegen, Netherlands. I am a db-developer (oracle) for three days a week now at a very small business. I like to read books and walk in the beautiful surroundings of Nijmegen.

Tomorrow will be my last day of my active contribution status on Couchsurfing because I couldn’t host in Covid time. Normally I don’t mind paying a bit for a good service. But I read messages on CS-groups and Reddit about people who get suspended there without them even knowing what they did wrong. That is not the way to treat people.

It’s great that couchers offers an alternative. And I trust it will be more transparent about policy and actions.


Hi My name is Maikel.
I used to be very active volunteering in Couchsurfing hosting events and in that way contributing in to generating activities on the website. I am willing to volunteer in local activities and making Rotterdam becoming an active city. Therefore I noticed there was no Facebook for Couchers Rotterdam yet and therefore I also created that. This makes is easy for couchers in or visiting Rotterdam to interact.



One day I hope to return to Poland. Stayed a lot of times near Bielsko-Biala and went even skiing there. And I love to beautiful nature and mountains in the region. Did meet a French girl one year when staying at a campsite near Krakow I still have fond memories of.
And of course your country’s lovely wodka :smile:

That’s great news! I hope we’ll see more of you when we get more community features rolled out on the website. We’ll need someone who wants to run online/in person events there, populate some of the community page, and help moderate!

By the way, I’m a huge fan of Eurovision and just want to say that I’m so jealous you’re in Rotterdam!! Enjoy!!

Also, welcome @Pete and @blakebo!

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Ha, great to see you here!