Introduce Yourself!

Hi there everybody!
My name is Maria. Im a social worker from Sweden who works mainly with kids in foster care, but Ive also worked in family law and investigated families. I love to travel with my husband who is a production engineer. We also bring our daughter with us when we travel. I’ve been on CS for more years than I can remember, but at least since 2011, but I think it might have been longer than that. I was probably the only ambassador living in a really small town, but that didn’t stop me from being an ambassaador for years and I also used to greet new members and help them on the site on CS for years.

Love to both host and surf and share experiances and learn from others. Also love to read, watch movies and Im a huge moviefreak.


Eurovision is the best! I love it. There should be a group for Eurovision fans on this site. :wink:

I was literally just thinking about starting a Eurovision thread on the forum but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how I could construe it to be related to :))

@marlean I hope we can watch Eurovision together someday!!

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A year ago we planned to host events around Eurovision to watch it in a bar with the Couchsurfing group for those with no tickets. Currently it won’t be much more than home party’s. Hopefully future will be brighter. I anyway saw a couchers Netherlands and Couchers Rotterdam facebook didn’t exist yet. they are now started. (with some guideline rules in it to keep out spammers).

Looking forward to soon be able to start the weekly Couchers event at the location where the couchsurfing events used to be.


Hi ya All, my name is Bart, I live in the Netherlands and trying to find my way around Couchers dot org. Give me some time and I will tell you more about myself… still have to find a nice avatar tho.
I have been doing some network stuff and WordPress things, but that’s been some time ago.
I do have some links to travel websites, not sure where I can share them and how?

Been on CS till the 13th of may, been there for more than 14 years… 99,9% as a host. But still wondering why hosts should have to pay since what is a hosting network without them…

Am on Trustroots and Warmshower for about 6 years now… eager to see what this group will bring



Hello Couchers,

Mitch here.

Another refugee from Couchsurfing here.

I just signed up. Live in Maine in the USA. I am M.D. Mitchell on the site. At least I am if I filled out my profile correctly.

I hope this all works, sorry don’t have the technical skills to support, but have a house with wifi if any of you technical types need to work remotely on the road and visit.


Yay! I’m from Maine! Originally from Windham in fact :slight_smile: I live in Istanbul now but we should chat about Maine stuff sometime! Have you been hosting anyone lately? How was the CS community there? I think you may the first ever member in Maine! I’m so excited!

Hello also to @bartdx and welcome! Let me know if you ever have any trouble or questions, I’m here to help!

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Hello everyone,

I live in Paris. I speak French, Greek, English, and I understand Spanish. I spent some time in Greece and Mexico. I traveled in several countries including the Americas. I used to work in the IT field. Now I teach computer science and other things to children, at least this is what I want to do. I collect old computers, I play Ingress, love Jazz, classis rock and baroque music.
My life changed a little bit since I began to host 10 years ago since I married my guest :smiley:


Hello! My name is Michaela, I am an ex CouchSurfing host currently located in San Diego, California. I completely moved from CouchSurfing to BeWelcome, Trustroots and Couchers. This website looks really promising! From those three mentioned my favorite one I guess… I really do appreciate everyone’s time and skills devoted to building this website and bringing back the community. I hope to meet amazing people and collect beautiful moments while hosting.
Hope you all have a great day!


One more as part of the recent exodus. Always see the bright side. CS alienating their “lifetime” members finally gives them the kick to join a more genuine alternative :smiley:

I’m Australian, move around a bunch but for the foreseeable future, that will be constrained within Australia. I speak English, Turkish and some Spanish.

I work on my laptop as a software developer, but don’t exactly fit the techie stereotype. Or maybe I do, I also love board games for example. I then try to balance out all that time cooped up with a whole bunch of outdoorsy activities like climbing, rogaining, canyoning and mountain biking.

Looking forward to some great experiences here!


I wasn’t a part of the local CS community, except as a host.

COVID obviously put a damper on travelers, but I did host one long term Couchsurfer, who was a cinematographer from Germany, I let him live in my travel trailer in my yard for a couple months in 2020.

I also recently was a traveler, and pitched my tent in a CS host’s back yard in Michigan. It is sad to me that I am blocked from my former messages and contacts in CS without paying to have access to them.

I estimate I have hosted between 40 and 50 travelers over the past decade or so via Couchsurfing. (A lot more via AirBnB, VRBO, and direct bookings for my business, paying guests, but I always tried to make room for the Couchsurfers to stay for free)


Hello, I’m Jenny, another recent CS ex-pat. I was sporadically active as a host and surfer for the last 10 years, at least until 2020. I live in Seattle am interested in attending or hosting some socially distanced activities in the area. I hosted biweekly CS coffee meetups for a few years and love uncovering less obvious spots to show visitors.

While things are still wonky with international travel, I’m looking at some domestic trips this summer - train travel, and possibly going to Alaska by ferry.

Happy to be here and see what this community can be!


I live in Sweden and working as a theatre director, mask maker, puppeteer and clown.
I love to have guests, in Couchsurfing I had more than 200, many of them returned to my place and some even moved to Sweden after I hosted them.
I can only host one male at the time.
So Welcome to Stockholm!


I’m Burak from Turkey,living in Istanbul. I used to use hospitality sites since 2008, gave some break because of some obvious reasons in previous websites, and now looking forward to be an active member in this platform. I’m a chemist, working in medicine production,looking forward to interact with you all


Welcome @Agge, I would love to visit Sweden! Thanks for the invitation :innocent:

welcome Burak! @nightwolf34006 :slight_smile: Crazy story, but apparently we know each other in person. Too bad we were always partying, might have remembered it better :rofl:

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No worries Emily :)) Long time passed :slight_smile:

Hi Agge! What kinds of masks do you do? I love masks myself (Being a Phantom of the opera fan of the original book got me hooked, I guess) of different kinds, but I don’t really own many.

By the way we’ve also had surfers that “stayed” and moved to Sweden which is a fun experiance. You get friends for life.

Here are some personal favourites. From the Phantom of the opera Miniseries with Charles Dance.

Hej, You can see some of my work at or at my groups page
Are you from Sweden? Where?

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Yes. I live in Tibro, Sweden.

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