Introduce Yourself!

Ehhh, so glad you’re here buddy! The Twin Cities HospEx revamp begins :smiley:


As Jake said to Lewood, 'Let’s get the band back together!"


Hi, I’m Martijn from the Netherlands, active on CS from 2008-2020, looking forward to host people on this platform as soon as I’m fully vaccinated(which will be soon).


Hello everyone!
I’m Tanja, originally from Germany but living in Canada for the last couple of years. I speak German, English and French.

I only found out about Couchers yesterday, but how glad I am that I did. I’ve been on CS since 2006, through many ups and downs and now had time during the last year to think about it and decided to not go back. Not because I’m necessarily against a yearly fee for financing the operation of a well running website and organization. But this is not it anymore, and I’ve seen enough of it over the years that I have no more faith in the original.

I’m really impressed about what I’ve seen here so far and want to help make this a new and better home for the community!


@Bellatrix @martijnh1981 hi!

@Bellatrix totally agree with you about CS


Hallo Tanja! Herzlich willkommen! Schön, dass Du da bist!

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Hey Abhi, when you’re back in town, give me a shout! I’d be happy to have coffee and talk travel. :slight_smile:


I don’t know where to write it guys… I didn’t want to create a new topic for that…


I have my very first accepted guest on Couchers! Lol…

Anyway I spent some time yesterday comparing my three hospex platforms and here it is. Number of hosts in my city (last login 3 months):
BeWelcome 5 hosts
Trustroots 3 hosts
Couchers 4 hosts
Numbers of requests I received in the past 3 months:
BeWelcome: 1 request
Trustroots: 2 requests
Couchers: 3 requests
I know that this data will be different in each city, I also checked Prague where I lived before and Couchers only have 5 hosts there while Trustroots and BeWelcome have 20-30 but I just wanted to let you know that Couchers was completely able to catch up with other hospex platforms and is actually becoming hospex platform #1 in my city.
@yichnal hey Stéphane! I just recognized your picture, hope you are good!


Hi all!!
I’m Alex, originally from Greece, but living in the UK for the past few years. I’m a quite experienced software engineer as well, so looking forward to having some free time to contribute to the dev efforts any way I can.

Long and active member of the CS community back when it was great and amazing (2005-2010) and still active after, but increasingly less interested, since the community and the managment took a downward turn. Mostly hosted for years and did some surfing myself too.

Really excited to come on board here and help the effort to building a strong, nice, safe and fun community. Hoping to see and help this grow and be the most exciting, inclusive, connecting platfrom.


Γεια σου Άλεξ, καλωσήρθες! :slight_smile:

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Hey there :slight_smile:
Im Theresa - currently living in Vienna, studying Law :slight_smile:
Been a cs Member since 2017 i guess and a very active surfer and wanted to host as soon as i got my own place (but then we kind of slided into a pandemic so thats been on hold - but im looking forward to start soon :)).
Ive been following the forum for a while and was very excited to read all of your ideas and exchanges!!


Welcome Theresa! I know the feeling. I was just about to start a nomadic phase for the first time in my life when the pandemic hit full force. Maybe next year :slight_smile:


I’m also already seeing more activity through my Couchers than my BeWelcome.

Nice work team!


Hello friends! My name is George and I’m getting ready to start traveling full time! I have lived a few places in the US and have seen almost every state, but I’ve only traveled abroad twice. I have been saving money since my teens, all in preparation for this year when I start traveling the world. Hope to meet some of you along the way!


Hi All,
I’m Lukasz from Poland. I spent quite a few years in the UK, so apart from Polish, I speak English and learning Spanish.
I used CS for… 14 years and was a member of Hospitality Club prior to CS. Missing CS a lot so would love to see something better, more transparent and focused on members not owners to fill this huge void.
Not quite into programming, design etc, I run my own company - renewable energy and environmental issues. Spreading the word is sth I could help with :wink:


Kitty and Lee here (real names Alexander and Krisanan); married couple in Bangkok, and formerly very eager to meet new people and help them on their travels. Then CS was torpedoed by new policies, and COVID shelled the wreckage. We really hope this site will refloat what was such a super idea.


Hey everyone,

I am Kunal Goyal from Rewari, India. I am currently working as an android app developer. I am a vocalist too who loves to sing Hindi songs. I speak Hindi and English.

Quite excited to help couchers in app development and translations in Hindi language. Looking forward to work with you all to grow couchers community

See ya


Hi! Im Juan Carlos, people nickname me as JC.

I believe in collaborative economy, I’m the creator of @sacarona
A startup for travelers and shoppers. (We are including in the next version coming soon, to host as exchange a sacarona for lodging). Take a look. I appreciate to join sacarona community :slight_smile:

I’m from Colombia, living in south of Brazil where you are welcome to surf in my home. I began to use Couchsurfing in the world cup of 2014 (Brazil), and it was great. Later I began to received people in Colombia, Later I decided to go to live to Brazil (another story) and host there too. Later I had a wonderful experience traveling in Europe. Where I stayed 40 days surfing in 6 countries (I mix with hostels). Great experiences for life.

Here I’m volunteer to translate to spanish and português and i will give some ideas for this new community. Hope to see you around #traveltheworld

Next year I would like to surf to Greece or Morocco :v:


¡Hola desde España!:Es un honor y un placer poder ayudar y conocer a personas nuevas.Mi idioma es el español y espero compartirlo.Gracias a Chrome de Google la traducción es muy buena y os leo perfectamente en otras lenguas.Un fuerte abrazo y seguro que juntos haremos grande esta plataforma. Y os comento una solución: Si no consigues que la foto suba a tu perfil,reduce sus KB a 125kb aproximadamente y vuelve a intentarlo.----------------------------------------Hello from Spain!: It is an honor and a pleasure to be able to help and meet new people. My language is Spanish and I hope to share it. Thanks to Google Chrome the translation is very good and I read you perfectly in other languages. A big hug and we are sure that together we will make this platform great. And I’ll tell you a solution: If you can’t get the photo to upload to your profile, reduce its KB to approximately 125kb and try again.

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Hola Julio!!! Bienvenido!! Varios hablamos español, Google translate funciona bastante bien, pero si algo no se entiende, mandame un mensaje y lo vemos :blush:

Abrazo desde Argentina!

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