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Hola Alejandra:Un fuerte abrazo desde España.Pues mira qué bien,contigo no tengo que “doblarme al inglés”.Además no tengo que estar pensando en hacer un texto que el robot lo traduzca sin “quilombos” o lios,que decimos por aquí.Saludosssss


¡¡¡ FELICIDADES!!!--------------CONGRATULATIONS!!! :+1: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :+1:

Hello human beings,

My name’s Graeme, nickname gjw. I’m an artist, among other things. I’ve got 20+ yrs experience in all kinds of arty business, design, making things happen, events, all kinds. I love people and travel. My heart has been broken by the CS machine (member since 2008), so I’m here to try and help out in whatever way I can to rekickstart the thing that basically the internet was built for. Big thanks to everyone who’s started this. Let me know what you need help with.


Hi amazing peeps my name is Melvin!! can’t wait for this community to grow and travel to resume. excited to be able to connect with like minded fellows around the world again.


Hi! I’m Elham, I live in Canberra and ride motorbikes.


Hellooo! :grin:

Hello everybody . My name is MANGA and I come from CAMEROON and I live in DOUALA. I am a former couchsurfing member and am steeped in Cs sofa experience. Despite the stab behind the back that I had received from the Couchsurfing moderator team, I had difficulty getting back to my mark over time. There is a saying that what fails to kill you makes you stronger. I am a building electrician and a tourist guide in my country. In most of my spare time, I go shopping, cycling, reading and spending time doing various research on the Internet.

I speak good French and I manage in English. I hope that with I could relaunch my adventure with the meeting of travelers who will come to visit CAMEROON and organize tourist trips or simple outing through the city of Douala. For the rest I would be at your disposal. Good cheerfulness to everyone.



Hi @Manga8 ! I hope you don’t mind I moved your post the introductions thread. Extending a warm invitation to you and all other new members to come to one of our Weekly Online Events!

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I am a former couchsurfer who has hosted; surfed; arranged events; rescued surfers in crisis; contributed info and learned alot. I seek insightful conversation with cultural perspectives. I enjoy music, food and laughter. My rule for interaction is RESPECT.

I am currently in Atlantic Canada and hope we are healthy and mobile very soon. Thanks.


Hello! My name is Mariana, I’m from Brazil, currently living in Campinas. I’m new to Couchers, but was very active in “the other website” and used to organize frequent meetings here.

I love reading, writing and traveling. That’s said, I like learning about other cultures and languages (I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and a bit of Italian). I also enjoy sports - the last one was kung fu.

And that’s it! :blush:


Another person from Vancouver, BC aka The Lower Mainland aka Vansterdam. :wink: :triumph:
Lover of :books: :open_book: & :video_game: & :national_park: & :film_strip: and completely open about cannabis (the best, most-useful & beneficial plant!) which is legal in :canada:.

Plan to start hosting once covid stops mutating and things are truly getting back to normal (safe), but in the meantime definitely want to help by giving information to people visiting the area. Might even meetup with some people before then.

Safe :sailboat: journeys :small_airplane: everyone!


Hi everyone,

My name is Jithin. Been a very active couchsurfer from 2012 and recently got kicked out by a pay wall. After reading a couple of blogs on the same, I’ve decided to say bye to couchsurfing and say hi to couchers

I’ve been traveling and happened to find jobs in travel industry all due to couchsurfing. I hope couchers will be another great part of my travels and life in general.

Looking forward to meet more couchers in the coming days.


Hi there, I’m Richard. Originally from Australia and currently working as a software engineer in NYC.
I previously lived in Taiwan and was quite active in the couchsurfing community there.


Hi! I’m Ally. My partner Ellie and I are new to couch surfing, but we’re intrigued and would love to try it. I’m a biologist, she’s a software engineer. Oh, and we’re in Baltimore, MD.


Hi @AllyKitten! It’s really something that can change your life completely :)) hopefully you get a chance to surf or host soon. Maybe see you at one of the weekly online social events? Or if you and Ellie are interested we also have a monthly women’s focus group meeting!

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Hi all,
Muin from Rome just signed!
Great project with a nice software architecture (imo). Hope to be able to contribute soon.
Giuseppe (Pino)


Greetings Earthlings :wink:
Leo here. Nomad/Traveller, Multilingual, Networker, Jack of a few trades.
Last few months in Finland. Working my way south slowly through the Baltics.
Passionate about Community Building, Self Sufficiency, and Alternative all.
Into Healing, Shamanism, Alchemy, complete and full disclosure for everyone, here and now and co creating a new golden era for humanity.
At your service.
Peace, love, light and blessings brother and sisters.
In L’Akech


Hey! Just signed up. Long time Servas member and CS member.

I’m sort of in the ‘travel industry’ as I’m an inventor- a backpack designed specifically for travelers, which I now sell at but that’s just something that keeps me on the internet every morning. I’m very interested in seeing a host/traveler org succeed.

I think travel and hosting brings the world together, and having friends from different places and of different ages makes life better. I hope I can contribute to this community and that we all can do more travel and visiting.


Hey all, Im Juan. Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina but moved to Lima, Peru 2 months ago. Im a 35 years old civil engineer and I love reading, gaming and going out dancing (specially if its electronic house music). I speak spanish and english.

Ive never couchsurfed (both host nor surf) and I dont have any coding skills so Im not sure how can I help, but if theres anything I can do just let me know.


Hi all. I’m Luciana, from Brazil - but currently living in Tel Aviv. I’ve lived in a lot of countries, most recently I was in Italy for my PhD.

Super excited to have found Couchers! CS was life-changing for me, I was very active there for about 10 years. I’m so excited to contribute to this project :slightly_smiling_face: