Logo direction

Hi everyone!

As we get ready to release our beta, we want to start finalising our decisions for our logo and branding. The graphic designers on the volunteer team have put together three concepts that we’d like to get your input on.

Please keep in mind that these designs and colours are not final. We just want to get input and ideas to get a better understanding of what people like.

Please head over to the voting page to let us know what you think!


I’m really excited about these 3 logo concepts! I think some of the concepts could use refinement (they all could probably benefit from using different colors than in these mockups), but overall these look great.

I’d personally be happy with any of the 3 directions, but I’m very curious to see what the community thinks!

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I love all the concepts! Hand one is really good, but I also like the couch. Hard to decide


It’s really exciting to see where this will go… :star_struck:


I voted for Happy Couch!! I really like the simplicity and sleekness of it, it feels the most modern to me :slight_smile:


I really like the happy couch too! Definitely need to change the brown to a different color (otherwise it looks like a beard). I think a light blue on top and yellow-orange on the bottom would look nice - kinda like the sky on top and a landscape (which also looks like a couch and smile!) below.


I love the happy couch too! But the second variation :)) may be my OCD but I love the symmetry of the rounded corners


Welcome Lilly!!

Haha me too! I had the same feeling :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I could have sworn I had an account here… but reset password didn’t work :crazy_face: so just made one


I like the third one as I’m a big fan of how CS originally used the couch as the symbol of its values of exchange and easygoing-ness.

About the happy couch, am I the only one seeing… how can I put it… suggestive symbolism?

I don’t see anything at first glance but I suppose if I try really hard I guess it could be… like knees? Or something? Sorry to make you explain but could you explain??

I sometimes see a dude with a beard, but I think that can be fixed by changing the colors a bit. Are you seeing something else? We definitely want to hash out these kinds of discussions; I recall my local Credit Union decided on a logo without consulting anyone else other than the graphic designer. When they unveiled their logo, a ton of people on reddit started complaining about it because it looks like a logo for a blood donation lab! (They unintentionally incorporated a red blood drop shape into the logo!) Or, as a bank, maybe that’s what they were going for all along?! lol

OK nevermind it must be just me over-analyzing :sweat_smile:

To me, the couch logo actually looks like the frontal view of a car.


Still love the simple icon of couch like a reminder of original CS, a third one (voted).


I wrote something on my vote, here it is>

I was very inclined to vote on “none of the above”. I like the welcoming hand very much - one line only, curvy, has a certain movement to it. The problem is it reminds me a lot of a stop sign. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::raised_hand: Sure, a hello/waving sign is not the same as a “stop right there” sign, but still too similar.
I hate aluding to a couch on the logo - specially a brown one. I absolutely love the pins and the connection between them though. I would try to make the smiling couch more abstract - perhaps making its round corners even rounder? or making all four corners the same way, instead of two on top and two on bottom? I don’t know.


Idea for the “couch with pins” (recreated in PowerPoint, which is an underrated tool) if you decide to go that direction:

  1. shorten the couch part horizontally so that it’s more suitable for phone apps
  2. add an asymmetrical smirk for a little playfulness/artsiness
  3. Use blue/yellow to honor the Python back-end of Couchers!
  4. Maybe splitting the color scheme into 2 colors helps make the couch more “abstract” (along the lines of @hiperplank777 's comment, which I kind of agree with)?