Nomadic, City, and Country ambassadors

I am a full time nomad. I have been backpacking / couchsurfing / housesitting for 4+ years and will continue to do so for some time. I hope we can build in a community for the nomads among us…

Also, I like the ambassador program CS and many others have had… Nomadic and City / country AMBS are a good thing IMHO


Welcome Jason!!! It’s great to have you here!!!

The topic of ambassadors / community leaders is an important one and I’m glad I brought it up. I changed the topic of this thread to “Nomadic, City, and Country ambassadors” to better reflect the topic you brought up.

Did you have any thoughts/ideas specifically about how it should work? Do you think it should be the same as on CS or different? Which things would you change / keep the same?

It’s worth mentioning we are currently looking for community builders, and you can read more about that here: Community Builders wanted! :)