Technology used: Vue or React

Are you looking for Vue or React volunteers? On ‘build it right’ there is written Vue. But on ‘Our team’ I read React.

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@aapeli and @mamiller93 ? Is the plan to build the front end with React?

@coboat Marco, we are definitely still looking for developers! I’m pretty sure the plan is React, but Aapeli can clarify.

Good catch, I’ll make sure to clear up that contradiction on the site.

We were initially going to build it in Vue (which we did use to build the alpha version), but more recently made the decision to move to React. Part of the reason for that is because it’s more widely used, so it’ll be easier to integrate more volunteers in the future

What Itsi said! And it’d be great to get more volunteers so we have more pairs of eyes during code review etc to make sure we’re doing things in a good way, not to mention to accelerate the progress of the refactor to using React we are going through at the moment.

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Sure, give me some beginner’s tasks. I like doing code reviews.