Weekly Online Event (Sunday)

Please also consider shifting meeting times. So in week 1 we could start at 0 UTC(hosted by Jesse). In week 2 at 8 UTC(hosted by Emily). In week 3 at 16 UTC(hosted by ?). And in week 4 it is 0 UTC again. And so on. More people can join and everybody can meet everybody else over time.

I also think the meeting should be advertised more prominently on the forum website and maybe also the main website.

I am still not sure about the time zone. On the invitation I see Dec 13 at 9pm and on the couchers google calendar I see Dec 14 at 7am which I guess is the correct time for me in my local time zone in Germany. Is this correct ? If you are holding the meeting on 13th at 21:00 Australian time then I think that translates to 11am in Europe on Dec 13th and not 14th ?


I live in London and the last few weeks it was at 20.00 London time. So that must be Sunday evening at nine at your place.


The times here on the forum are timezone-aware. If you set your timezone in your forum profile, it shows this time for you right on the event. Else it will show the timezone that the browser you’re using is aware of. You can also hover (or long press on mobile i guess) over the given time and see a list of different times around the globe to check it:

The first one is always the one you specified (or your system uses). The three following ones are the ones we’ve set up for reference: L.A., Lagos (same as CET) and Melbourne.

Looking at this list, it seems the google calendar is either not timezone-aware or you’re looking at it without being logged into an account. I’m not sure about the settings for google calendars. But it apparently shows the time for Melbourne.

In any case, welcome to the forum @fotografm! Looking forward to chat on next sunday’s event! :sunny:

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Thanks @nolo I got it now. Just need to mouse over the meeting time and the different time zones pop up. I have put it in my calendar !!!


Today’s event went splendidly with some familiar faces :slight_smile:

Some of the topics we discussed were:

  • Is it okay to have something like “I offer massages to guests” in your bio? Why or why not?
  • should the community regulate events that do not seem safe?
  • does our proposed reference system offer enough flexibility to allow for genuine and honest reviews?

Also notable is that Jesse told us about his membership in the local German men’s choir. Most probably we will add an additional meeting time weekly from now on that would be Thursday afternoons in Australia and New Zealand, or early mornings in Europe, late morning in Central Asia, and evening in the US.

If you’d like to register your interest in joining an you can always fill out the forms in the first post of this thread.


yayy I will be able to attend Thursday’s meeting then :smiley:

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As a point of clarification due to daylight savings time, the meeting today is happening roughly 2 hours 10 minutes from the time I posted this message. The link to the meeting is at the top of this thread. You can trust the time that is stated in the top post in this thread.

Joining today!

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Hey all! @n.spark suggested the brilliant idea of putting a google docs link as the location so that even if we change the meeting location, the link in this thread will always stay the same :slight_smile: If you have any other ideas for information to put on the doc that might be helpful, let me know.

Crap, totally forgot this yesterday evening… Well, I’ll try one of the next events. :grimacing:


Yes! Hope to see you next week!

Really noone there or is the link not working in my case?

The meeting starts in an hour :slight_smile:

Uups sorry, ok but than i am not shure i make it…

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(post deleted by author)


Hi @anon14140932! Well, we had mixed success running Jitsi for some of our attendees. With so many different internet speeds and time zones, we couldn’t always get it to work! :confused: I do like Jitsi, but moving to Zoom was a majority decision at the time.

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Hey thanks for another great social! Is there a way to see past events so we can add friends and write references, the whole community thing? Like, I only see 4 July when I look now, instead of who RSVP’d for the event that just happened (27/6). Otherwise I’ll hope to find them from the map search. Thanks!


Right now we have the weekly events set up as recurring events… once the event is past, it’s updated to the next recurrence and only this next event shows up in the calendar. The other approach would be to start a new topic for each event, but that has various downsides as well.

Maybe we’ll find a different solution if we research a bit how to best set up events in the long run. But for now that’s just as things are on the forum software and the limitations we have to live with.


Hey all! This event is starting in 30 minutes! Hope to see you there :slight_smile: