Why two accounts? Forum and Couchers

it should be just one account for both things. The password thing is also strange.

Welcome to the forum, @jcdelascasas!

The forum was set up a year ago already, before there was a working app. It also runs on an existing software (Discourse), while the app is built from scratch.

I’m not on the dev team of the app, but it’s on the roadmap to implement a single-sign-on later on.

About your other comment, what’s the password thing?

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It might be a good idea to keep them separate. When I look at the BW forums, the forums give a bad vibe to the platform. It is simply because the most extreme, opinionated or idealistic people end up taking over the discussion (like myself?).

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We are currently working on switching the default login method to username and password. However, if you don’t like the link to be sent to your e-mail to log on, you can set a password in your account. Here’s how:

After you are logged in, go to your profile page, click on “edit”, and after you click “edit” you should see a button that says “account settings”. When you click the “account settings” button you can create a password and use that to log into your account in the future (instead of using the link that is e-mailed to you).


That depends of the person LOL. I see the forums a great tool to communicate to improve the platform who wants to participate. Should be a Forum section as this one, and a great FAQ section, so many people wont enter to the forum.

Glad I decided to scroll through the forums. The password thing was bugging me too haha

Maybe Account Settings should be accessible no matter where you are?


It would be good to have access to posters’ profiles from the forum. When I click on their names or images, I seem to only get statistics about their participation here. Or did I miss something?

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You can add a profile link to your forum user card. There’s an existing topic about that: Share the link to your Couchers.org profile!. The discussion there also explains why we didn’t make it more prominent so far, as it’s apparently not so fail-safe how to set it correctly. I’m lacking a good idea how to make it more easy now, but when we’ll implement single-sign-on, it can be automatically set.

In any case, if you open my user card and follow the link, you can see how it’s supposed to work :wink: …though I see you have it set and working on your card as well.


I see, thanks! (For my card, I didn’t do anything myself.)


Why are you requiring separate accounts and logins for the main site and the forum? Seriously?

And no link back to the real site from this site?

Good grief…

Not sure why your tone is so negative… the forums are for fostering meta discussion about the direction of the project, bug reports, and global info.

As such it’s better to use a third-party software for them for now. We are planning to have a single-sign on at a later date, if that helps!


Hi, you can go to the “real site” from the menu on the top right :wink:


Yes, we are all referring to this, me included… but maybe it’s good to have a dedicated discussion? I opened a new topic, just to have an expressive title: Should we implement Single-Sign-On?