How confident are you in implementing something that will give the community an alternative to™?

I joined trustroot’s team last year. It was very frustrating because many of them were thinking small and had no drive to compete with couchsurf. Goals were rarely ever met on time and most of them were actually never met. The frustrating part was that they had a great working app, however they did not seem interested in pushing it to the masses. I am wondering how you guys will deliver? Because right now there literally is no one competing with couchsurf. And we all know, people deserve better than how they’ve treated and ostracized members of that community.


Hello @gd69 and welcome to the forum. I hope you don’t mind me shortening your title just a tad :slight_smile:

Well, we have nearly 140 volunteers working on building the app at the moment, and many are working more than they would for a full-time job. Over the past 16 months we have literally started from zero and built something that is already usable for surfing/hosting and getting better every day. You’ve probably read all the essays laid out on, but if not, give them a good read, because all of us working on the project are very much aligned with the plan to build the alternative you’re looking for.

Since some volunteers that work with us have volunteered with or help with Trustroots to some extent we can confidently say that our team works differently. We have a singular vision to build something that has all the same features as Couchsurfing and improves in areas of safety and user experience, for example. I’m sure others from the team can weigh in on this, too.

I’d also invite you to join our online events so you can meet volunteers, contributors, and users in person. I think you’ll find we are VERY confident :smiley: Speaking for myself here but I’m nearly 100% sure this project will not only be completed, but be very successful – if not more successful than CS – in the long term.


Ok Emily, you talk a big game, and I mean that in a good way. That confidence is exactly what we need. Is there some sort of roadmap I can check out?


The public roadmap is on our internal roadmap :wink:
Right now we have Updates from the development team on the Couchers blog.


Ahaha thank you! :upside_down_face:

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Hi @gd69

Thank you for your question and welcome to the forum. I am Poovan, the Head of Marketing at

I feel @Emily has covered about what we’ve set out to do, why and how. Another thing I would like to add is that we listen attentively to the community. This is built into the fabric of our team. We got to this point by listening.

As well as online events, you can join our Town Hall on the fourth Sunday of every month.

As @nolo pointed out, we are gathering everything for the road map (or a similar document) to make it easier for everyone to access. As soon as it is ready, we’ll update our website and share it in the forum.


So it’s been some time since this post. Awesome to see the growth so far. Very refreshing to see a community actually go for it, be bold and say what they exactly what everyone wants needs… a community bigger and better than couchsurf!


I’m excited to see how many people are on Couchers in the US considering it’s the newest of the platforms. The Couchers team have done a good job getting the word out.

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