Introduce Yourself!

Welcome Aris! Hope to see you at our next online
social event if you’re interested!

Hey y’all!

I’m Akira. Currently living in Europe, but was an active host in Kyoto when I was living there. No relevant skills I can think of, but hit me up if you need someone that speaks Japanese or know a lot about trees. Excited to see this project develop!


Hello everybody!
My name is Alicia, & I live in New Orleans, Louisiana.
I have a bachelor’s in behavioral studies & I work in the mental healthcare field. I don’t know how that could be useful for the site at this time, but I’m here if you need me!
I’ve traveled a good bit around the country, mainly driving, alone, with just a tent & some clothes in my trunk, & no destination in mind.
But I have never actually left the U.S.
I’m hoping to change that next year, if possible :heart:
I used to couchsurf before we had sites for it :slight_smile: & I’ve never been able to host because I never had the space for it, but I kinda do now.
I’ve had issues with couchsurfing sites …


I joined a couchsurfing site (can’t remember the name of it) a few years ago when I would road trip on a whim. But I remember having difficulty either finding a host, or finding a host that didn’t have multiple bad reviews that accused them of theft and/or assault. I joined CS and got stuck be on the payroll before I could even check anything out. I’m not going to pay for something that I don’t know will benefit me at all.

But, I have high hopes for a community-driven place like this!! I’m excited for the future of Couchers, & the potential to meet y’all soon (at the event on the 18th) :partying_face:


Hey, everyone. I’m Monique from the US and I’m just remembering that I didn’t do a proper introduction. I’m a full-time psych student and I’m originally from JA. I’d like to help grow the community but I’m not sure what I can contribute. I’m hoping to make friends with solo travelers/solo traveler + dog like me.

Thanks for making this site.


Hi Fleur, i think it would be helpful if you could tell the team here what problems you had on CS so attempts can be made not to have them repeated on
To make improvements for this new hospex website is partly what this planning stage is all about before it gets implemented.
There should be a contact link but I can’t see it - I think it’s just


Welcome to all the new members! I hope some of you can come to our next online event so we can chat in person (kinda!)

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Hi @colins :wave:
I put the problems I had with CS under the summary on my intro post, but I’ll quote it here.

To add a bit more: I’ve had airbnb hosts cancel on me at the last second.

Like @monique, I have a dog (Stella) who travels with me on occasion. Travel companion dogs make it difficult to find a host!
Even if they allow dogs, it’s usually small dogs only, & Stella is a big dog (German Shepherd & Australian Shepherd mix), even though she thinks she’s a lap dog.

When I’ve traveled with my oldest daughter (16), I’ve have difficulty finding a spot for two people. Even if we were okay to camp in someone’s backyard because we just needed to safely get a couple hours of sleep.


hi, i’m eloi, i’m a farmer, i never got to use cs much, hosted only 3 times and was hosted about 5 times. this is a nice project, i’m here for it🤠


HI Eloi! Nice to meet you! I hope you’ll join our weekly social event on Sunday so we can get to know you and answer any questions you might have in person (well, kinda :slight_smile: )

Saw your friend request on the app, too! Thanks :blush:

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Hi everyone, I’m super excited about the launch of the new beta!

I’m currently based in Madison, WI. Can’t wait to host again when the pandemic is over.

By the way are there plans to support CouchSurfing profile export data? I’ve been slowly building up my CS profile over the past couple of years and would love to be able to carry over some references/connections. Thanks!

Edit: oh and feel free to add me on couchers or on CS :)


Hi @bwu, great to have you join us on the beta and on the forum!

We’re hoping to support it sometime in the future, but there are some logistical issues with it. For now we’re prioritizing getting some more of the basic features out before spending a lot of time on this!

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Yeah that sounds reasonable. Looking forward to the seeing the new Couchers features soon, thanks for everyone’s hard work so far. The beta looks great so far :smiley:


Hi, I’m Ellen. I’m from Vancouver, Canada, though currently living on the Big Island of Hawaii. I’ll be back to the mainland next month, and I look forward to travelling and hosting when this pandemic is over. I’m also a fellow exile from CS, an active user since 2012. It was my heart and soul for a long time, and I was sad to see its decline and ultimate demise. Hoping to find community here and meet some awesome folks.


Wellcome @el-len, welcome @AnneSchwarz!

Great to see you here. Hope to see you at one of our weekly online events (Tuesday or Sunday)!


Hi, I’m Jake, I live in London, UK and Nairobi, Kenya; I’m a Software Engineer, hope to find some time to contribute on some issues at some point!


Hi all,

I am Lennart, a Dutch IT guy. I have been using couch surfing mostly while studying between 2009 and 2014, and mycouch surfing holidays are still some of my favourite holidays.

Recently I have been getting into cycle touring. When COVID is a bit more under control I would like to go on a year long tour of Europe, hopefully meeting some of you in person.

I am excited about the design, organisational structure and IT architecture of Couchers. It is looking really good guys, cudos! I would love to help out with the technical side of things in the coming months.


Welcome @lenanrt and @jakeii! Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with around the forums or the beta platform. And don’t hesitate to start your own threads if you have any ideas that haven’t been mentioned. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I’m Elom. I currently live in Colorado, USA but have traveled around a bit. Mostly in Europe. I’m also a former couch-surfer who became tired of their bs after they locked so many people out.

This community seems very promising and I would love to help where I can. I have a background in computer information systems, product management and growth marketing. I also speak French, English and a little bit of Spanish. I won’t be able to commit to anything for a few months, as I’m finishing up some studies but I will have more free time after that. Looking forward to meeting many of you.


Welcome Elom! I hope to meet you at one of our weekly online events :slight_smile: let me know of I can help with anything and we look forwarding to hearing your ideas!!

Thanks Emily! Looking forward to joining one of the weekly events soon.