Introduce Yourself!

Hi, I’m Bagja from Indonesia, but currently in Istanbul Turkiye for couple months. I was an IT for animation company but changin lane to SMEs consultant 10 years ago.
I am looking forward to meeting everyone from Couchers. :star_struck::v:




Elizabeth Cantero

Hi! I am in Buenos Aires so whenever you want to come back you are welcome♥

Hi!!! My name is Micaela I am from Buenos Aires :wink: Argentina, I used to live in Rome because I am also italian but there I had roomates so I couldn’t do couching.
Now I live in the center of the city near everything and I am open to everyone who wants to visit one of the best cities in the world!
And no, I am not exaggerating, after 45 countries visited, 5 lived (london, rome, bologna, lima, tokyo) I can tell you Buenos Aires has nostalgic, romance, sleepless, friendly feelling I reccomend you to try at least once :heart::heart::heart: Hope to see you here or somwhere in the world where destiny meets the souls :slight_smile:

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Hi all. I’m in the USA, in the Raleigh, NC area. I long wanted to join CS, but didn’t like the pay-to-play aspect. When I heard of Couchers, I joined right away (last year). Then silence until this week, when I had 2 separate parties request for next week. This will be an adventure!

@miwamicaela perfect timing! I hope to visit Buenos Aires again in the not-too-distant future. I don’t know if I’ll stay as a coucher, but I’d love to have people to visit! My father was from there, and I haven’t been since I was a kid. I’ve considered moving there for the Northern winter months, as I detest the cold. I also hope to reconnect with my family. I am no longer fluent in Spanish, so I’d hope to stay for a while to rebuild that.

It’s currently somewhat hard for me to travel, as I have 2 dogs that I don’t like leaving. So it’s more likely I’ll rent a dog-friendly place. As a result, for the time being, I only anticipate hosting couchers.

Feel free to check out my profile (same user name as the forums) for anyone interested in visiting this area. We don’t have a ton of scenery. The biggest reasons people come here are for university or to see basketball games–Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, and NC State University are nearby.


Hello from New Zealand.
YES - we are open to welcome travelers again!
I live in Papamoa right next to the beach on the north island near Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty.
So, come over and enjoy a good time and drop in for a night or more at mine.


Hi there, I’m Benny from Austria (located close to Vienna), currecntly 34 years old.
I’m a sucker for foreign languages and study a bunch of different ones, focusing on mexican spanish though.
I’m a terribly bad traveller, I dislike organizing and all that. Therefore I’m not really frequently on the road, but if I am I like to use couchsurfing.
I’ve had a handful of surfers on my couch so far, all of them being great experiences.
I’m particularly interested in Mexico.
Much into all kinds of music, spirituality, reading & literature, gaming (both pc and board games), and so on.

Happy to get some people to know.


Do you always introduce yourself to new people by mentioning your sexual orientation @ChristianoReina? Asking for a friend.